Augmented Reality 3D Product Configurator

Viewing a configured product in your own environment with augmented reality

Your customers will love you!

Expivi’s 3D ecommerce platform with 3D configuration is already unique in its own way, but with augmented reality Expivi is taking 3D ecommerce to the next level.

The moment after your customer has finished customising their own personalised product, they can view the product instantly in their own environment with augmented reality.

How about to see what a couch look like in their living room or to see how that necklace would look like on them? Maybe a closet wouldn’t fit in a bedroom, let’s find out in AR! Try another color? Let’s change it in AR as well!

Talking about great customer experience: your customers now know they’ve made the right decision and the return rate will decrease by 50% – your customers will love you!


Seamless AR experience

Expivi offers a seamless and intuitive augmented reality experience for your customers. With a single click, your customers can view the customised product on their mobile devices. No extra plugins or work needed, because it’s already within Expivi’s platform!

Your customers scan their surroundings, place the product in it and can view the product instantly – they can even walk around it!

AR product configuration

Continue configuring products in AR


Increase customer engagement

See products in the customers’ own environment


Increase conversions

Allow customers to make better buying decisions


Decrease product returns

Improved buying decisions lead to less returns

Expivi is very serious in revolutionising 3D ecommerce, because we believe it’s not only showing your products in 3D, but also in augmented and virtual reality. Signup for a free trial and we’ll show you how your business can join 3D ecommerce too!

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