Barbas Bellfires Use Case

Discover how Barbas Bellfires created a next level online experience with 3D and Augmented Reality

Many options to showcase

Barbas Bellfires offers a wide range of fireplaces with thousands of extra options. It is a complicated process to choose the right one based on images as a fireplace affects your entire interior and the final decision is based on a lot of factors.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see how the fireplace will look like in your living room before you buy?


From now on the customers of Barbas Bellfires are attracted to their fireplaces from moment one. They see all the sides and are able to customize it completely. That does a lot more for the customer experience than a flat image. Besides, if customers want to visit their showroom, they are already prepared!

Dennis Rhoe​

Marketing Manager Barbas Bellfires

3D configurator with AR: the perfect combination

Barbas Bellfires amazes in everything they do. To exceed expectations and make their communication even better, we built a 3D configurator and included augmented reality. Are you curious how we did that? Check the use case.

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