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Checklist for clean polygonal geometry

The following errors will not give official errors during the import in the configurator. It is highly recommended to follow the checklist as many errors with normals, flickering or unexpected results in general can be prevented.

Always work with backface-culling on!
The configurator has support for double sided materials, but they are not optimal. Use backface culling in the 3d software viewport to spot reversed normals.

Make sure that the mesh itself is not double sided. Sketchup has a tendency to export like this which can cause visual glitches in the configurator.

  • No n-gons (faces with more than 4 vertices)
  • No non-manifold geometry (multiple faces sharing only a single vertex
  • No lamina faces (faces that share all vertices with each other)
  • No concave faces (faces that have an outline that curves inwards)

If the triangulation direction is important (curved surfaces) it should be done manually before the configurator importer does it automatically.

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