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Finished hierarchy example

This is an example of a configuration for four different types of pots. The first question/category is the type of pot you want: “potTypeCategory”. The options for this question are the different types: “BenOption”, “BondOption”, “JortOption” and “KlaxOption”.

Below each option a question is placed for the size of the pot. Each pot has a small and a large version. For this configuration the size question has been made identical for every pot. This was done to spend less time editing the UI later on. If very specific control was required each size category could have been renamed “BenSizeCategory”, “BondSizeCategory”, etc.

The pots are part of a large collection which means integrating their SKUs in the configuration is a useful addition. The configurator can use the SKU to pull the prices from a database. The SKU node is just a label, it does not add any functionality for the configuration.

Directly below the options, or in this case the SKU labels, are the material groups. The outside and inside of the pot both have multiple variations in material. Each pot can receive the same materials as the other ones so the same material group name is used. The “Klax” pot does not have a separate inside material so it only uses the outside material group.

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