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Configure materials

Every part of the 3D file exists out of multiple parts where multiple materials have to be adjustable, a material group is created for this. All the materials in the material group can be chosen to apply on selected 3D parts.

To place the right materials in each group, go to material groups. These groups are created from the graph.

(It’s also possible to manually add a group, by clicking ‘add group’. Fill in the groupname and click on ‘confirm’ to create the group, or ‘cancel’ to go back.)

To assign materials to a group:
1. Select the note icon next of the group name
2. Adjust the information in the ‘General’ tab:

  • Name: The name can be replaced at any time
  • Group ID: This probably doesn’t have to be changed, because this is automatically adopted from the graph
  • SKU: It is optional to fill in the SKU

(For example: if your model is part of a material group node that has the name “coffeeTableMat_wood01_e’’, “coffee Table” is the name and “wood01” is the Group ID.)
3. Click ‘Update changes’ to save the changes you made, or click ‘discard’ to cancel
4. Go to the ‘Materials’ tab where you can find the materials that are assigned to the group

5. Click ‘Assign material’, you can find the complete library of materials that were already created here
6. You can select a certain folder with materials or search for specific materials and/ or folders in the search field
7. Click the material you want to add

8. Click ‘select’, this will add the material to the material group

You can add as many materials to a group as you want
9. Then tick the box default’ to choose the default material (this means this will be the first material that is used and shown in the 3D model)
Wanneer er geen default is toegewezen, wordt de eerste in de lijst gebruikt als default.

10. Click the note icon below Edit to add a SKU to a material

11. Fill in the SKU you want to use (SKU field)
12. To add click ‘confirm’, to cancel click ‘cancel’

This SKU will be used in the advanced pricing system to indicate which material belongs to which part. A combination of the chosen part with the chosen material will be created in the pricing system.

All the materials that are added to a group can be copied to a different group. This way all the available materials in one group can be used in a different group as well. Follow the steps below:
1. Click the blue ‘copy’ button

2. ‘From’: select the folder of materials you want to copy
3. ‘To’: select the folder you want to use to paste the materials
4. Click ‘Copy’ to confirm (or ‘cancel’ to go back)

You can easily delete the materials from a group by clicking ‘delete all’ and ‘confirm’ (if not click ‘cancel’)