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Edit basic product details

Edit product information

1. Select the product you want to adjust (if you only want to edit the basic information you can click on the note icon next to the product)
2. You can find or adjust all the above information (type, name, description, upload thumbnail, Shorten name, product SKU)

3. At Base price you can enter the base price (standard price)


In this tab it’s possible to write and edit your product text with different tools.

1. Edit: During or after writing the product text, you can adjust it with the edit button

  • Undo: With this function you undo the last adjustment you made
  • Redo: After undoing an adjustment, you can also redo the adjustment, so it’s visible again
  • Cut: Use this to cut out the part you selected
  • Copy: Copies the part you selected
  • Paste: Pastes the part you selected
  • Paste as text: pastes text without formatting
  • Select all: Selects all words in the product description

2. Insert:

  • Link: Insert any link with this tool (a link to a different product or a facebook page for example). You just have to enter the URL (optional: text to display, and title) and select the target none or new window
  • Table: With this option it is possible to create a table in any measurement you want

3. View:
You can switch the visual aids on or off
4. Format:
It is possible to use different formats in your product description, for example Bold and Italic. Using blocks, you can decide what headings to use (among others) which is important for Google search results. If you use align you can change the alignment of your text. Clear formatting helps you to delete all the used formats.
5. Table:
You can adjust the table you already inserted (like adding an extra line)
6. Save changes:
Always make sure you save the changes you made


A tag is a keyword or searchword for a type of product. This can be the brand name for example. When you use the right type of tags, it will be easier for search engines to find the matching products. In this tab it is very easy to select tags for your products.

1. Fill in an existing tag, select and add one or multiple tags
2. Save your tags by using the blue ‘save changes’ button on the top right of the page


Easily select the categories for each product in this tab.

1. Select the categories you want to use
2. Save your selections by clicking ‘save changes’


In this section you can keep notes that will only be visible in the backend. If you add notes, these will be linked to other systems, such as Magento

1. Fill in these fields

  • Enter name: Fill in the name
  • Enter value: Fill in the value you want to give, such as an SKU

2. Click ‘add’ (next to the fields you have to fill in)


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