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Manage catalogue

In the product overview you can find all products that are offered on your webshop. You can scroll through the overview or search for a specific product by using the search bar. In this tab you can add products, adjust them or delete them.

Add product

1. Click the ‘add’ button
2. Fill in the blanks in the pop-up screen that appears:

  • Type: Configurable product is already selected
  • Name: Product name
  • Description: Enter product description (optional)
  • Upload thumbnail: Add thumbnail by uploading a JPG or PNG file (optional) This image will be shown next to the productname in the product list
  • Shorten name: It’s possible to enter a smaller name for your product, this is the name that will be visible in the URL
  • Product SKU: If wanted, enter the Stock Keeping Unit (this number has to be unique), see explanation SKU for more details
  • Save: Save the information you just entered

After saving the product information, you are directed to a product page, where you can find all your saved products. At this page you can edit all your basic product information.

Explanation SKU

If a database with the configurable parts exists it is possible to prepare the models to be
recognised automatically. The name of the group directly below the option node will be taken as the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).
If there are multiple parts in a single option they can be labeled with the “_partSKU” suffix.
Example configuration for a seat with SKU code C03BA:

The SKU is explicitly defined by adding “_partSKU” in the name of the group.

Example configuration for a seat alongside other parts that have a unique SKU:

During the import into the configurator a dialog is presented that asks if you want the system to automatically detect options and assign SKUs or to only include options where the SKU is explicitly defined.

Delete product

1. Go to your product list
2. Press the little bin next to the product you want to delete
3. Are you sure? Click ‘confirm’ if you are sure you want to delete the product, if not click ‘cancel’