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The dashboard offers an overview of the system. A standard dashboard is already set up.

It’s also possible to create a personalized overview yourself, by making sure the most important information (such as upcoming activities and customers) is visible straight away, you can do this by deleting or adding a widget. You can delete a widget by using the little trash icon that appears whenever you go to a widget, after clicking this button the system will ask for confirmation (click ‘confirm’ to delete or cancel to go back). You can add a widget by clicking the blue button with the four squares on the top right of your page, the following screen will pop up:

You can click the widget(s) you want to add and click the ‘Add’ button.

It’s also possible to change the order of the widgets in the dashboard. You can do this by dragging the widget to the correct place. The size of the window of the widget can be adjusted by clicking at the right bottom of the widget and dragging this up or down.

You can open the page that belongs to the widget, by clicking the name of the widget.