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Emissive & Render

Does not work with MeshPhysicalMaterialExt and MeshPhongMaterialExt in Expivi at this moment. You can use a different material type to use this function e.g. MeshStandardMaterial.

Use emissive to have the material radiate light. Choose a colour to radiate a certain colour. You can use a map to set emissive properties.

In this tab, you can change the render settings. In Shading, you can change between a smooth shade and flat shading. The normal side determines from which side of the polygons are rendered. DoubleSide will render all polygons no matter the normal orientation. But lighting will not be double-sided, you will still be able to spot incorrect normals. A good use-case is for leaves to reduce polygon count.
Select wireframe to only render the wireframe. The line width dictates the thickness of the wireframe lines.