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3D configuration enables buyers to experience products in a 360° view. Rotating, zooming, sizing, changing color and material, the possibilities are endless.

Ensuring the Bill of Material (BOM), SKU and real-time pricing directly into your online shop across all channels. 

Picking up pieces


Boost sales

12-14 million e-commerce websites out there (other planets and solar systems not included). The competition has never been fiercer.

Increase your sales by 12% with Expivi’s seamless and interactive 3D Augmented Reality experience. Allow your customers to virtually try out products, reducing returns.

Everything you need in one platform

Step up your customer experience by gamifying the shopping experience with the 3D configurator — hyper-personalization at reach. 

Combining it with Augmented Reality (AR) will allow clients to place personalized configured products right into their environment.

All in one single place.

The sustainable approach

Shopify reported a 40% decrease in returns because of 3D visualization. Gartner also stated that 3D configuration reduces product return rates since the customer fully understands what they are ordering. Reduced costs in sampling, product training with a higher speed to market, and improved conversion rates from 10%-50% were other verified benefits.

Product personalization results in less overproduction, leading to a decrease in packaging waste while saving on shipping. The environment will thank you.

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Get in touch so we can create a custom plan, designed for your company’s needs.

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Digitize your product catalogue. Our team of 3D artists can help get your products digitized and online.

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Upload your 3D models into Expivi’s system. Automation and visual instructions will help you get set up in no time.

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Integrate the 3D configurator with your e-commerce platform with a plugin or API connection.

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Showcase your products in 3D and AR and start selling more

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Neopac Packaging

Neopac is a Swiss company and a global provider of high-quality and sustainable tube packaging for a broad array of industries and applications.

Thanks to the integration of Expivi's 3D configurator with their webshop, Neopac's customers are able to choose different models and materials and view the result from every angle. 

Interactive 3D and AR for SAP Upscale Commerce Now Available on SAP® Store

By integrating with SAP Upscale Commerce, Expivi’s 3D personalization and web-based augmented reality solution helps deliver extra sales and a better user experience.