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Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company. They have written a report on the added value of visual configuration. We are proud that they have named Expivi as a visual configuration party.

New customer: T1tan

Ready for a Expivi success story? We absolutely love this project we did with T1TAN GmbH, they are the absolute specialist in Goalkeepers gloves. Their configurator launched this week and resulted in the build of a new production line in their factory to keep up with all the orders coming in!
T1tan 3D configurator Expivi

3D product configuration

Create the WOW factor to boost your sales with 3D product configuration and visualization of your products within your own browser whether on desktop or mobile. The ability to rotate the product and zoom in on it to get a “feel” for the textures, details, and quality, will increase customer engagement significantly.

Picking up pieces


Faster time-to-market

With Expivi's 3D product configurator, pitch, sell or update products on your e-commerce platform, even before production begins. Expivi empowers your business to test product concepts and prepare them for market before production money is spent. 

Drive sales by integrating AR in your customer journey

Increase your conversion rate by 6% by using AR. Augmented Reality (AR) is natively integrated with Expivi's 3D product configurator, allowing seamless transition from online shop to Augmented Reality

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Get in touch so we can create a custom plan, designed for your company’s needs.

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Digitize your product catalogue. Our team of 3D artists can help get your products digitized and online.

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Upload your 3D models into Expivi’s system. Automation and visual instructions will help you get set up in no time.

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Integrate the 3D configurator with your e-commerce platform with a plugin or API connection. How it works

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Showcase your products in 3D and AR and start selling more

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