Expivi's product configurator for WooCommerce

WooCommerce just got even better. Turn store pages into interactive virtual experiences, where customers view and customize products in a 3D environment. Expivi's product configurator generates custom product designs and real-time prices with AR technology. Create configurations for color, size, material, and other options without any code.

Here's how it works: Customers create products on your WooCommerce store with drag-and-drop functionality. There's no heavy software. No downloads. No code. No problems. Customers view product configurations from multiple angles and see real-time prices based on their changes. WooCommerce takes care of the rest — checkout, payment, and fulfillment. It's a seamless shopping experience for the post-digital era, where customers finally take back control. 

Expivi/WooCommerce integration is the ultimate add-on to any online store, replacing or complementing traditional product photos. With 360° views and real-time prices, customers have unparalleled product insights before they place an order, which reduces refunds/returns. 

How Expivi integrates with WooCommerce

Expivi integrates into your WooCommerce store with a simple, easy-to-use plug-in. (You can also access support if you need it.) For extra protection, limit product configurations that might damage your brand or violate safety standards. Once you determine these rules, Expivi does all the hard work for you.

Expivi/WooCommerce integration lets customers view product details with greater accuracy than ever before. This speeds up time-to-market significantly. Plus, customers are less likely to contact you with questions about product specifications. Everything shoppers need is right there on your WooCommerce store.

With the WooCommerce product configurator, customers become creators, where they design products just the way they like them. This is a brand-new approach to e-commerce.

Incorporating Expivi into your WooCommerce store

As one of the world's largest e-commerce plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce powers millions of online businesses worldwide. But WooCommerce has limitations. If you want to create dynamic store environments with 3D functionality, incorporate Expivi into your product pages. It turns your WooCommerce store into a virtual experience that boosts engagement, interactivity, and sales. 

We can now give a new, exciting and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) approach to online shopping for our visitors

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Expivi 3D is for you

With the WooCommerce 3D product configurator, you can move customers through your sales funnels with accessible product design features. In an ever-competitive retail landscape, stand out from the crowd and provide consumers with an exciting alternative to traditional e-commerce: The ability to design products and view them in full 3D. Customers can experience products from every imaginable angle — from the top, bottom, sides, you name it.