What are the Accenture Innovation Awards?

In 2018 the 12th annual Accenture Innovation Awards is taking place! Every year new innovations are selected out of many applications, they get the chance to present and prove themselves! The Innovation Awards program is a journey that takes place during the year. This started with applying for the Accenture Innovation Awards (until the first of july) and ends with the finals on the 2nd of November during the Accenture Innovation Summit. Innovators, investors, judges and partners come together during these events, where you get the chance to make important new contacts.

Summer Nights

During the Summer Nights the top 10 was announced for all 8 themes. Read more about the event or watch the after-movie below to get an impression of the event: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=g_gjFRXbE6A[/embed] Go here to watch more videos about the Accenture Innovation Awards (Youtube)!

Finalists Living & Working theme

The Living & Working theme is all about reshaping the future of living and working. Smart houses and offices are not enough, we need to improve the durability of whole cities. Expivi is nominated because it offers (among other things) a 3D product configuration for e commerce to show products online in 360 degrees. Expivi is part of the top 5 Living & Working theme and is up against Yugen, Etulipa, Lilian Water Analysis System & Temper. Go here to read more about the 5 finalists. In the semi-finals the Accenture Innovation Awards top 10 semi-finalists had to pitch for one minute, afterwards the 5 favorites were selected.  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pGwwnbRK4o[/embed]   Of course, as a participant,  Expivi was present at all these events go here, to read about all our experiences at the Accenture Innovation Awards, so far!  Expivi was also present at he perfect pitch workshop day. The useful tips that were given, definitely helped us with our pitch at the semi-finals, read more about this informative day here.

The other themes

The other Accenture Innovation Awards themes are: Mobility, Climate, Education, Finance, Health, Nutrition and Security There are 5 innovative finalists left in each theme, that get to pitch one more time in the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards in Utrecht. The judges will select a winner in each theme afterwards. The winners will be announced at the Accenture Innovation Awards stage, the ceremony will be held at the end of the innovative day. Do you want to see the whole program? Go here to see the program, including times and extra information about the day.

Accenture Innovation Awards Summit

Expivi will be present with part of the team at the Innovation Summit on the 2nd of November. They will not just be taking part in the round tables and the award ceremony, but will also be present in their own stand, where everyone can visit. Are you interested in the possibilities Expivi has to offer, want to do an interview with Babak Mirzaie or just have a chat? Stop by the stand, or contact Expivi to make an appointment to be sure of some extra time and attention! Expivi @ Innovation Summit

Accenture Innovation Awards in the publicity

Journalists and other interested are keeping track of the Accenture Innovation Awards. RTL Z, for example, posted several (Dutch) articles about the events that took place during this year. Go here to read the RTL Z Accenture Innovation Awards article about the start of the program. The events The Next Web Conference and Scale Up Academy 'Mid-summer networking drinks' are also covered in the article About the 200 game-changers that have a shot at the innovation prices This article is about the Scale Up Academy 8 Events, 8 locations and 8 themes. The Summer Nights of the Accenture Innovation Awards The following article is about how, in collaboration with Boom Chicago, participants were able to learn all about getting their vision across as good as possible During the semi-finals, after giving their pitches, the finalists of the Accenture Innovation Awards were announced

Accenture Innovation Awards jury

All innovations are judged by an independent jury. Who decides who get get to be the winners out of all the innovative participants? And what is it like to be judge for such an important competition? Go here to read more about the jury and their experiences.

Female participants

Accenture finds the visibility of female role models in the tech world very important, so they pay extra attention to the six female finalists, go here to read more about these female participants.

Social Media

Are you not able to make it there on the 2nd of November? You can follow the Accenture Innovation Awards via Twitter or Linkedin and be the first to know about the Accenture Innovation Awards winners! On the site of Accenture you can follow parts of the Accenture Innovation Awards competition live. So it's like you're there!

Winners 2017

The previous years the Awards were a big hit as well. Every year the lucky winners are selected, go here to read more about the 12 winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2017.   Also watch the 2017 after movie below: [embed]https://youtu.be/VbaQQqhADj0[/embed]  

Winners 2018

Go here to find out how Expivi did in the finals!