The Accenture Innovation Awards and the Innovation Expo are an essential part of Accenture’s year-round innovation program. With these awards Accenture wants to encourage innovation, new collaborations and offer a valuable platform for innovations of the future. The awards are a journey, including several events, the Innovation Awards, which culminate in the Summit. This event brings innovators, investors, judges and partners together, allowing you to connect with the best and brightest from a wide range of industries. By joining the competition you gain a lot of knowledge and insights and receive a lot of attention and support for your own ideas or innovation! Accenture believes revolutionary ideas should get the support they need. Businesses can create new contacts that can be very useful and become a part of Accenture's worldwide business network. By joining the Accenture Innovation Awards you don't just join a competition, it's a journey. From the moment you register your innovation until the day of the finals, you will have many opportunities to connect with potential investors, learn from others and get to know other innovations. [caption id="attachment_9538" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Journey Accenture Innovation Awards Image via Accenture[/caption]


8 Themes are part of the Accenture Innovation Awards:
  • Climate
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Living & Working
  • Mobility
  • Nutrition
  • Security

Living & Working

Expivi is nominated in the Living & Working theme. This theme is about urbanization on the rise which creates new possibilities and challenges for businesses: to build better work environments and help improve everyday city life. Smart houses and offices are no longer enough, we need to make entire cities smart and sustainable. If we really start thinking what it means to live and work in the city, we can transform the urban landscape. Expivi found out they were part of the top 10 selection on the 6th of September. Expivi is nominated because it offers a new shopping experience. The easy to use platform offers a standardised product configurator that's suitable for selling any product. This takes product visualisation and personalisation to a whole new level. All sales are trackable in the completely automated pipeline (from order to production and stock management). Expivi creates a whole new eco system and gives a whole new meaning to cross selling. This creates the possibility to configure a complete house, inside and out and to decorate it, in 3D.


The Semi-finals of the AIA took place on the 4th of October during the Innovation Expo in Rotterdam. Everyone in the top 10 of each theme pitched their concept in four pitch arena’s. Based on the pitches the jury selected 5 favorites. These favorites get to go to the finals, a total of 40 businesses, including Expivi! [caption id="attachment_9539" align="alignnone" width="700"]Finalists AIA 2018 Image via Accenture[/caption] The other 4 finalists in this theme are:
  • Yugen: A Yugen sensor makes it possible to detect present occupance, to know the number of people and monitor the flow of people in a given area by using temperature sensors.
  • Etulipa: The Etulopa EWD full-color matrix display is a new type of digital display, that doesn't need LEDs. The technique that is used for this is called electrowetting and is so energy efficient it uses 100 times less electricity than a LED display.
  • Lilian Water Analysis System: Offers a very easy-to-use water system that is suitable for everyone. This technology will tell you the exact and extensive measurements of water quality in seconds. Your smartphone receives these measurements and analyses.
  • Temper: a digital marketplace that connects freelancers and companies in the hospitality sector via a transparent platform. Temper was founded with a modern vision on a traditional, opaque market. By removing third parties Temper offers both sides the freedom about their labour needs. Freelancers are free to decide where, when, with whom and for which tariff they want to work.
The jury for this category consists of (amongst others) Herman Knevel (Head of Innovation ISS), Frank van der Vloed (CEO Benelux Signify), Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (CEO & Co-founder TNW), Deborah Nas (Professor Strategic design for technology-based innovation TU Delft) and Parsia Tayebi (Managing director bij Garage by Innogy).


On the 2nd of November the 12th edition of the Innovation Awards will take place, the highlight of the yearly innovation journey. A part of the program is the Innovation playground, the Innovation Roundtables, 40 finalists will pitch their innovations and an award ceremony. Click here to read more about events! Click here to read more about the Perfect Pitch workshops (organised for participants).