On Friday the second of November 2018, the Innovation Summit and the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards took place. The popular summit that was held for the 12th time this year, took place in the Fabrique, Maarssen (the Netherlands). This was the last event of this years Accenture Awards journey! During the year several rounds and events were held with innovation as guideline. To continue in the competition all participants had to give a pitch to explain their idea or innovation as good as possible. This was also the case in the finals. Every finalist gave a one-minute-pitch that ended with a Q&A.  Expivi pitching at the Accenture Innovation Awards Expivi was present (with a team of 4) as one of the nominees in the Living & Working category and had their own stand. (Go here to read more about the nominees in the same category as Expivi). An objective, professional jury selects the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards. All participants and visitors were able to entertain themselves by going to the different stands or visit, for example, the Innovation Playground, the Innovation Roundtables and the Innovation Deepdives.

Expivi winner Accenture Innovation Awards - Living & Working category!

The winners were announced during an award show in a unique way, with a band, including a singer. First up was the Living & Working theme, where by means of a song Expivi was announced as the winner! Announcement Expivi wins Accenture Innovation Award Babak and Siamak were invited on stage to collect this beautiful award. Then, the other winners were announced. In the category Climate the winner was RAW paints, category Education: Incision Academy, category Finance: Safened, category Health: Biond, category Mobility: D-rail, category Nutrition: Sponsh and last but not least, in the Security category the winner was Quantum IDENcrypt.

Jury report - Winner Accenture Innovation Awards

What made Expivi to be the winner? Here's a quote from jury chairman Deborah Nas, Professor Strategic Design for Technology-based Innovation at TU Delft: "With a technologically advanced solution that is user-friendly and efficient. Our winner is on trend in the world of e-commerce, their scalability leads us to believe that they will be able to not just ride the wave but create it." Would you like to know more about Expivi and it's 3D product configurator and all the possibilities they have to offer? Have a look on the website or go to the contact page to make a connection! Expivi winner Accenture Innovation Awards Do you want to know more about the other jury reports? Go here to read a quote about all the winners. The jury existed out of a large group of people, you can go here to read more about all the judges.

The Junior Innovation Challenge

During the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 a junior competition also took place, the Junior Innovation Challenge. These juniors (ages between 10 and 16) were challenged to find a solution for everyday problems. The junior winner Accenture Innovation Awards, out of the 10 participants, was Human Pressing Energy (Amersfoortse berg). They were selected as winner, because they delivered plates that respond to movement of people and traffic, which generates energy. These plates can be installed underground in all kinds of places whit a lot of people or a lot of traffic. Go here if you'd like to know more about this Junior competition.   Watch the short after movie of the Accenture Innovation summit and the finals: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAGUdPjni7w&feature=youtu.be[/embed]