What is the Holland Tech Square? The Holland Tech Square exists out of only Dutch startups that get to display their products or services in the same area at CES. This year Expivi and over 50 other Dutch startups went to CES with Startup Delta. But why would you want to go to Las Vegas as a Dutch company? You would think the Dutchies can't compete with the American and Asian giants, but the opposite is the case! During CES 2018 the Holland Startup Pavilion (/Holland Tech Square) was the largest single-country pavilion. Gary Shapiro (CEO Consumer Technology Association) thinks of the Netherlands as one of the most innovative counties in the world! Quote Gary Shapiro Holland Tech Square During CES you have the opportunity to meet international journalists, potential customers and important contacts. Startup Delta helps startups to leave for the event as well prepared as possible. Before CES took place there were multiple prep events and you had the possibility to ask for advice/ tips about things as writing the perfect press release. Would you like to see the end result of Expivi's press relase? You can find it here!

Secretary of State Mona Keijzer and Prince Constantijn

Secretary of state Mona Keijzer opened the Holland Tech Square with a speech. In this speech she welcomed everybody, talked about the fact that in 2015 there were only 2 Dutch startups at CES Las Vegas and now, in 2019, over 50! She also gave some examples of what Dutch startups have to offer. Would you like to read the complete speech? You can find it here. Prince Constantijn, as startup ambassador, also has an important role at this event for all Dutch startups: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=24&v=iM2R-CHcRsg[/embed]

Dutch startups

Just a few of the other Dutch startups that were present at CES 2019, besides Expivi: You can find the full list of startups here.


CES is a very popular event where lots of people talk about, so there's no shortage on interesting articles and videos about CES! During CES there were lots of international, but also Dutch reporters. Nu.nl also did a report about CES (Dutch): [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kneAOTCdRQo[/embed] You can read more about the event and all its highlights here!