On the 19th of September 2018 Scale Up Academy - Perfect Pitch was held at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. The event was organised for the semi-finalists of the Accenture Innovation Awards (AIA). Expivi was selected as one of the semi-finalists in the top 10 of the Living & Working category. The idea behind the event is to be prepare all contestants to give a one-minute-pitch, which every semi-finalist has to do on the semi-finals on the 4th of October and maybe at the finals on the 2nd of November. The best 5 pitches in each category will proceed to the finals on the 2nd of November (where they have to give a pitch as well). Top 10 - Living & Working theme

Perfect Pitch - September 19th 2018

Two workshops were given during the day. The workshops were about giving the perfect pitch. Both workshops took about an hour and 15 minutes. David Beckett (pitch coach and professional speaker) and Michael Diederich (improviser and lecturer) gave the workshops. They explained (among other things) what is important for a good pitch and how to grab the judges attention. David Beckett aimed more at the content of the pitch. He provided tips such as: making sure to create your storyline beforehand and to brainstorm about all the ideas you want to transmit. Make the most of the minute you have to pitch, but make sure you keep it clear and stay focused. He also explained 'The power of three', meaning you can divide your product or idea in three categories or parts to create a clear image. He wanted to involve everyone in the audience. Everyone had to brainstorm, share ideas or pitch it to somebody else in the audience (preferably someone you didn't know). David Beckett The workshop Michael Diederich gave was completely different. He gave tips about body language, staying calm, maintaining a smile and having a reward system for yourself. Besides that it’s very important not to rush and not to pretend you are someone you're simply not. The audience was asked to help by creating a circle and take turns in pairs to clap in the same rhythm, without talking. This showed the importance of communicating through eye contact among other things. Michael Diederich

Networking drinks

The day ended with networking drinks, this provided the opportunity to chat with other semi-finalists. Because Employees and contact persons of the AIA were present  you were also able to ask questions.

Is Expivi going to win?

We experienced the day as very positive, full of interesting and useful tips, which will definitely come in hand! Want to find out if these tips helped us out? Follow the outcome of the Accenture Innovation Awards or read our report about semi-finals and the awards!

10 Golden tips for the perfect pitch

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