What is Slush?

Slush was founded in 2008, by Helene Auramo, Kai Lemmetty, Ville Vesterinen and Peter Vesterbacka. Slush Helsinki started as a gathering of 300 people and is now a world-famous event that keeps on growing! The meaning of Slush stayed the same: contributing to the next generation of world-conquering companies. Slush Helsinki Slush is organised in the darkest time of the year in Helsinki, Finland. This helps emphasizing the unique character of the event. Slush is organised by students, is a non-profit organisation and was founded to change the general view of entrepreneurship. In 2018 Slush is organised in multiple cities, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and Helsinki. Watch the following video to see a bit more of the size and the idea behind the event: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW5znA7a3_M[/embed]

Who will be there?

There will be about 20000 participants, 2600 startups, 1600 investors and 600 journalists present at Slush Helsinki! Slush Helsinki deelnemers


These are a few of the investors that will be attending Slush:
  • Sonali de Rycker - Partner at Accel
  • Niklas Zennstrom - CEO Atomico
  • Beezer Clarkson - Managing Director Sapphire Ventures
  • Lars Fjeldsoe- Nielsen - General partner Balderton Capital
  • Manu Gupta - Co Founder Lakestar
  • Par-Jorgen Parson - General partner Northzone
  • Lu Zhang - Founding/managing partner Fusion Fund
  • Dan brody - Managing director Tencent Investments
  • Jillian Manus - Managing partner Structure Capital
  • Roseanne Wincek - Inverstor IVP
  • Antoine Nussenbaum - Co-founder Felix Capital
  • Rebecca Lynn - Founder/ partner Canvas Ventures
  • Arlan Hamilton - Founder/ managing partner Backstage Capital


These are a few of the speakers at the event:
  • Dr. Werner Vogels - CTO Amazon
  • Julia Hartz - Co founder/ CEO Eventbrite
  • Bill Ready - COO Paypal
  • Jacob de Geer - Co founder/ CEO Izettle
  • Bryanne Kennedy - Founder/ CEO of Tupio
  • Sebastian Siemiatkowski - Co founder CEO Klarna
  • Katarina Berg - Chief Human Resources officer Spotify
  • Brian Halligan - Founder/ CEO Hubspot
  • Rajil Kapoor - Chief strategy officer Lyft
  • Joel Flory - Co founder/ CEO VSCO
  • Christina Sass - Co founder/ president Andela
  • Andras Forgacs - Co founder/ CEO Modern Meadow
  • Julia Grace - Senior Director Infrastructure engineering Slack
  • Preethi Kasireddy - Founder/ CEO Trustory
  • Rebecca Lynn - Founder/ partner Canvas Ventures
  • Casey Winters - Growth Advisor
  • Bradley Horowitz - VP product management Google

Slush Helsinki Startups:

Expivi will also be present at Slush Helsinki, you can easily get in touch, to plan an appointment with the CEO of Expivi, Babak Mirzaie. Holland Startup Corner Slush Helsinki The following startups are part of The Holland Startup Corner:
  • Expivi: Expivi offers a whole new shopping experience with a 3D product configurator and the possibility to show products in AR
  • GoodUp: GoodUp offers do-good platforms for companies who want to boost the involvement of employees
  • HousingAnywhere: Helps you with finding a new home abroad
  • Cloudwise: Offers easy ICT solutions for schools
  • Maps Untold: An on-demand travel platform for individuals that works with algorithms
  • Th3RD: Offers one of the largest 3D scanners in the world. They bring physical objects in to the digital world
  • Watermelon: Offers automated chat, which reduces customer mails and calls
  • 5miles: 5miles offers the structure and knowledge you need to improve your Excel skills (and more) in 5 minutes a day
  • GIBBON: Makes sure you can travel without a suitcase or bag, because it is a rental marketplace for travelers
  • MoreApp FormsDigitize all your forms such as inspections and rapports, MoreApp Forms can help you save a lot of time
  • Slashlead: Creates personalized mailing, to achieve better results and higher sales and better conversions
  • Jamzone: Transforms digital technology in user experience and offers personalized e-mental health programs
  • Organic Village
  • Coolfinity: With just a few hours of energy use a day, the Coolfinity fridge offers constant cooling with their ice battery (among other things)
  • Sobolt: Sobolt develops data-driven products that contribute to durable energy transition and a sustainable world in general

Slush Helsinki agenda

Slush Helsinki takes place on the 4th and 5th of December 2018. These 2 days offer a full schedule with an opening show, several stages and different subjects, such as "Building a Brand From Scratch" and "Real-World Data Solving Real-World Problems" and an ward show. During the award show the winners of the nominees will be announced. See the full Slush Helsinki agenda here. There's also the possibility to take part in side events, you can find all side events here.

Slush 100 Pitching competition


Slush Helsinki 2017

In 2017 Slush Helsinki was a big success as well. Read all about it is this cool artice! Watch the video below to see the opening show in 2017: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viJBJFVGEzQ[/embed]

Slush Helsinki tickets

Are you interested in the event? Order your tickets for the 2018 edition here!