By integrating the Expivi platform into Plaka’s online website Plaka’s shoppers are able to choose from a variety of design options that meet the expectations of today’s online clients; clients who want make decisions about the look and feel of their sandals by themselves and for themselves.

The Expivi 3D configurator allows online shoppers to view their footwear from different angles, to intuitively select different textures and colors, that and to observe their final design with a 360 degree rotational view. 

As a result of including the Expivi Platform in Plaka’s online website, Plaka was able

  • stay ahead of the competition by providing a unique, immersive and 
  • personalized buying experience.
  • reduce cart abandonment
  • shorten the path to purchase
  • increase the overall value of online orders.

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Expivi. You will be helped immediately if you ask for it. They respond and execute very accurate.'' - Sagi CEO Plaka

The result

Plaka clients will continue to be able to order standard non-personalized footwear online. However, for a price premium they can also reconfigure and customize their sandals to match their individual desires in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, Expivi allows the Plaka brand to differentiate itself from its competitors and increase customer loyalty.

Why Expivi's 3D modeling

Over the years Plaka has become a highly recognized brand of women’s sandals wordwide. However, the high customizability of their sandals meant that Plaka’s manufacturing process became time-consuming. 

Expivi’s 3D Product Configurator allowed Plaka to reduce the complexity and time constraints of the customization processes while also offering shoppers real-time
choices and price calculations. The result was an improved online experience for
shoppers and a reduction in the number of sandals returned.

The success of Plaka and Expivi’s collaboration depended on high quality standards
and a willingness to work together through the adjustments of the design process in
order to achieve customer satisfaction. Expivi’s approach is service first.

Products & services

  • 3D visualisation
  • 3D visualisation
  • E-commerce plugin