The trade magazine for ICT ‘Computable’ again nominated 10 digital and ecommerce suppliers fort he Computable Awards 2019. Together with 9 others, Expivi has been nominated to become the best ‘Digital & E-commerce supplier’ of the year.

Completely new shopping experience
The jury selected Expivi from 23 presentations because Expivi provides a completly new shopping experience where customer experience is highly valuated. The jury sees a wide market with many opportunities for Expivi. Two major problems for webshops are the returns and complaints, which often occur due to lack of clarity about the product. The product configurator from Expivi offers the solution for this. This new shopping experience with realtime visualization in 3D and AR, direct quotation and automated stock management immediately eliminates these uncertainties.

Powerful combination
Expivi’s technology has combined the power of the cloud and the one of web browsers to provide a scalable solution that is suitable for every product. Products can consist of thousands of parts that are all in the cloud. With this, the combinations that customers select can be created in realtime within the browser. By offering one platform that works with any kind of product, by using the power of browsers to create and visualize 3D configurators, offering a proces with an automated drag & drop workflow and a visual control system that you can use without any programming knowledge, the costs and limitations within the converntional configurators have been solved. According to the jury, this is what makes Expivi a serious contender to become the best digital and ecommerce supplier of the year.

Help us win the award!
50% of the opinion will be formed by the professional jury and 50% will be determined by the public by voting. You can vote very easily until October 6th. Help us win the award!