3D e-commerce for fashion

Run and grow your fashion business by taking advantage of the best in class 3D e-commerce tool. Engage customers by showing them exactly what they are purchasing. Which results in reducing cart abandoners and return of products.

The future of shopping using 3D. Meet customer demands and excel in fashion industry!

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Increase in engagement rate
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Increase conversion rate
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Increase in average order value

How it works

3D models of your products
Setup on Expivi
Integrate on website

-12% returns

By allowing your customers to view exactly what they are buying, returns are being reduced by 12%.

+90% engaging

Shorten the path to purchase and improve customer engagement by 90% by showing multiple product options at once.

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Run and grow your business by taking advantage
of the best-in-class 3D and AR e-commerce tool.
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