What makes Expivi unique?

Expivi’s innovative technology has combined the power of cloud with web browsers to
provide a scalable solution that works with any kind of product. Products can consist out of thousands of parts laying on cloud and customer options are built in real-time right inside the browser. By providing a single platform that works with any kind of product and utilizing the power of browsers to build and visualize configurations in 3D, we have taken away the cost and limitation of conventional configurations.

Analyze Data

Expivi’s analytic tools provide in-depth insights into sales cycle and customer behavior. By allowing to analyze most desired options, customer journey and sales conversions, Expivi becomes more than a sale tool. It allows to optimize and improve your products and your customers experience.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need


WebGL based, directly inside browser. View and order products on any device and from any webshop.

AR & Virtual Reality

Seamless transition from browser to Augmented and Virtual Reality within the same pipeline. No extra work required!

Real-time HQ rendering

Unique Hybrid client side High Quality rendering technology.


Expivi is the first full SaaS online platform to provide the webshop of the future.

Price quotation

Every component within the product is available in the cloud. Above attribute based price calculation, Expivi can even calculate prices based on the product’s components.


Cloud based along with advanced compression and streaming capability, there are no limitation to how many options a product has.

Quick workflow

The application helps anyone to create 3D configurable products using a simple drag and drop system, without any programming knowledge.

Full API access

Full REST-API allowing connection to any third party system.

Integrate within any website

Use simple web-components to embed Expivi’s viewer inside your own website. The web-component provides a JavaScript Interface to allow you to build your own templates.



Expivi @ Bouncespace
Bogert 1
5612 LX Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 40 304 6250
WhatsApp: +31 (0) 6 2345 0737


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One of 100 most innovative companies of 2018