Increase sales, Reduce costs and Improve your customer experience

Expivi enables brands and retailers to Visualize and Personalize their products in 3D and AR. Expivi is an interactive and visual platform that generates a great online experience with instant 3D configurations and visualization.

Benefits and Features

Interactive 3D and 360°
View Create the WOW factor to boost your sales with 3D visualization and personalization of your products within your own browser whether on desktop or mobile. The ability to rotate the product and zoom in on it to get a “feel” for the textures, details, and quality, will increase customer engagement significantly.

Plug & Play Plug
into other e-commerce solutions with native integrated extensions. Empower your partners to have the same experience by managing only one data.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)
Increase conversion rate by 6% with AR. Augmented Reality (AR) is natively integrated with Expivi , allowing seamless transition from online shop to Augmented Reality.

Automate Supply Chain
Expivi is able to build detailed article lists that can be communicated with ERP systeem. With every order a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) is generated for each product. A list of all the raw materials, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.

Automated & Visual Workflow

All product variations are automatically generated based on product family tree.

Modular API

Integrate Component based system allows native integrations in other systems where each component should be integrated separately. Rest-API Fully RESTful API.  

Low code

Reduces time to market. Use Expivi Visual 3D scene editor to setup product representations by just using drop and drag options.

Business Rules and Constraints

Use diagrams to set-up most complex business rules constraints or conditions. It requires zero lines of code.

Here you can find more information about the SAP x Expivi life cycle and the viewer integration. 

Seamless integration

Expivi integrates seamlessly into the ERP system of SAP

Scalable Network

Expivi streams data based on as needed basis. Through a global network! Products with millions of variations are loaded in seconds anywhere in the world.


Get insights into customer behavior and optimize products and sales based on customer’s need.