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Create a revolutionary customization experience at an exceptionally fast speed

Expivi is an interactive tool that allows your customers to experience furniture in 3D and AR. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software integration allows customers to build their unique products with immediate price quote visability.

How it works


3D Models of your products


Setup on Expivi


Integrate on website

Future proof

Make the most of your investment by using your high-poly assets to create an augmented reality! Future proof and future thinking.

All in one

Unlimited products are at your fingertips. Add, review, analyze and manage as many product as you need, all in one place. Updating your digital assets has never been so easy.

Distribute product visuals

Your marketing team will love the ability to push your product visuals to all your channels. You can download content and get it in the hands of potential customers in no time.

Try before you buy

Change the way furniture is viewed  with Augmented reality (AR). 

Bring your products into your customers home and allow them to see your customized products within their own environment, being it a living room, a garden or anywhere your product fits. Visualize all your products in high quality from every angle and position as well.

Trusted by many brands

Showcase your products the best way possible

The possibilities are endless and you are in charge! Want a different background? Or another way of lighting? Change it yourself in Expivi’s  easy to use back-end. Of course we are here to help, just give us a call!

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Run and grow your business by taking advantage
of the best-in-class 3D and AR e-commerce tool.
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