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Change the e-commerce game

Expivi is a ground-breaking e-commerce platform which defines the future of online shopping using 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. By providing a new way to personalize and customize your products, you give your customers an engaging and exciting shopping experience. 

Customers will have a much better impression for the product materials, are able to view the product from different angles and can zoom in and zoom out to see the tiniest details in full, which increases the customer’s confidence to make a buying decision.

On top of that customers can experience your products virtually in their own environment with our AR solution. Using Expivi also means that your 3D configurator does not need to be adjusted every time you modify your product’s options.

Expivi works online anytime and anywhere, in any browser on any device.

Trusted by many brands

Memorable brand experience

By using Expivi you are able to offer highly customizable products and show complex products,  delivering a memorable brand experience for your customer.

Be immersive and drive engagement

Expivi offers an engaging and fun experience. If you see it you want to use it. Customers will spend more time on your website.

More sales and lower returns

View the products from any angle, customize colors, textures, components and more helps to make better and faster decisions which increases your conversion rates, lower your returns and shorten your sales cycle by talking to well informed prospects.

Immersive in the front – business in the back

Advanced pricing control with our CPQ solution. Our tool enables you to set up pricing rules in an easy way.


''I'm convinced the 3D configurator and the app wil realize our ambitions. We are able to help people in the orientation and purchasing phase so much better.''

Dennis Rhoe​

Marketing Manager Barbas Bellfires

The future of e-commerce is personal

Expivi believes that offering options in 3D and AR is the future of retail and business. By providing personalization and customization options, companies are able to provide customers with a tailored experience while growing a future-proof business.

Stress-free integration

Implementing Expivi into your Lightspeed webshop is quick and easy. Just install the Expivi plugin for Lightspeed and you are ready to go!

Do you need help with setting up your products or  with creating 3D models of your products? Our team of talented 3D artists are ready to help you out. We also have some nice tutorials helping you to launch your projects within days instead of months.

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