Press-release: Elision & Expivi enter into a partnership

The two innovative e-commerce companies enter into a future-oriented partnership. Elision, the prominent SAP Commerce Cloud and C/4HANA implementation partner of the Benelux, adds the Expivi product visualization and configuration software solution to her portfolio to bring SAP Commerce Cloud to a next level.

Elision and Expivi strongly belief that the future in e-commerce lies in the way organizations excel in customer experience management. Being able to offer your customers an interactive and customizable 3D visualization on your webshop or e-commerce platform really gives the customer experience that extra edge. It only makes sense that this is the main goal of this new partnership; Enabling and helping customers excel in Customer Experience management.

About Elision

Elision is the SAP Customer Experience software implementation and service partner in the Benelux. They are market leader in SAP Customer Experience solutions. They are strongly represented in the B2B wholesale and manufacturing branches with customers like MCB, The Straumann Group and TABS Holland. Here they provide their customers with seamless integrations between e-commerce, marketing automation and backend systems. Their main goal is to help customers take their e-commerce and marketing automation platforms to the next level.

As a part of the Cronos group with more than 7.000 employees they are able to offer you more than just the SAP C/4HANA solutions. With the strength of our group behind Elision they are able to provide you with the entire SAP front- & back-end portfolio. Beside that they possess al the needed in depth knowledge to integrate their own solutions with all the different solutions that are out there.

About Expivi

Expivi is a simple-to-use cloud based platform that revolutionizes the online shopping practices. This interactive and visual e-commerce platform generates immersive shopping experience, with the help of instant 3D configurations and augmented reality (AR). Businesses can effortlessly upgrade their online stores by using Expivi’s user-friendly-tools on their own existing marketplace. All within the web browser.

Platform clients can log in easily and set up and apply projects effortlessly without the help of third-party tools and assistance. Expivi’s solution turns web experiences to a tangible encounter, just like those in-store. As a result, it builds on an exclusive customer services, as it allows complex product parts and details to be purchased, individually. With Expivi, selling customized products on personalized e-commerce sites has never been easier, quicker, or more adaptable.

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