Integration Plugins & Extensions

Expivi is a complete standalone 3D ecommerce platform with 3D customisation features, but we understand that it’s not always possible to switch ecommerce platforms. With our plugins and extensions for the popular ecommerce platforms, you can still integrate our 3D product configurator with your Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. store.

If you don’t find plugins for your favourite ecommerce platform or ERP software, contact us to request a new feature and we might consider adding it to our future updates.

Expivi WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

If you need a WooCommerce 3D configurator, we’ve got you covered. Our native WooCommerce plugin allows you to embed a 3D product configurator in your WooCommerce store. The order processing is still handled by WooCommerce itself.


Expivi Magento Extension

If you’re looking for a Magento 3D configurator, you’re at the right place. Our native Magento plugin allows you to embed a 3D product configurator in your Magento store. The order processing is still handled in Magento.

Expivi Shopify Plugin

If you’ve always wanted a Shopify 3D configurator, look no further. Our Shopify plugin allows you to have a 3D product configurator in your Shopify store. The order will still be handled in Shopify.


Expivi Embed API

Plugin is to be released really soon!
Our embed API allows you to connect your Expivi store with tons of other tools or apps that you’re using for your business. E.g. connect Expivi with Salesforce or Infusionsoft or any other CRM platform, integrate Expivi with your favourite e-mail marketing software, the possibilities are endless.

Plugin release is planned for December 2018

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