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Level up your SAP Hybris site: discover endless visual possibilities

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An unforgettable shopping experience, success guaranteed

Expivi offers a simple-to-use cloud-based 3D Product Configurator platform that is changing the way how people shop online. This interactive and visual e-commerce enhancement generates an immersive shopping experience with the help of instant 3D configurations. Upgrade your SAP Hybris site effortlessly by using our user-friendly tools.

Trusted by many brands

Efficient supply chain

Benefit from a much more effective supply chain, which saves money and leads to improved customer service.

More brand experience

Offer amazing, highly customizable products which delivers an extraordinary brand experience to your customers.

Fewer returns

Increase the satisfaction of your customer’s purchase by offering a tailor made product.


''We have noticed a huge difference in our business as orders are streamlined,
money taken up front and clear design specifications sent to our factory. We love this software and the company and we are now looking to introduce more custom products because of this.''

Robin Spicer

Founder of Armis Polo

The impact you are looking for on your SAP Hybris site

SAP Hybris is a leading e-commerce and product content management software provider. The robust and modular platform is designed to handle high order volumes and traffic.

We understand that you want to give all those customers a special treatment. By choosing personalization, you provide customers with a tailored experience while gaining a future-proof business model.

Stress-free integration

Implementing Expivi into your SAP Hybris website is quick and easy. Just install the Expivi plugin for SAP Hybris and you are ready to go!

Do you need help with setting up your products or  with creating 3D models of your products? Our team of talented 3D artists are ready to help you out. We also have some nice tutorials helping you to launch your projects within days instead of months.

Ready to get started?

Run and grow your business by taking advantage
of the best-in-class 3D and AR e-commerce tool.
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