Meet the Expivi Team

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Babak M. Mirzaie

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-founder Babak M. Mirzaie is from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This ambitious and charming CEO studied business management and before Expivi was founded, he and his brother Siamak co-founded the succesful game studio Golabi Studio. As the face of the company Babak wants the world to see and use their innovative 3D configurator, therefore his main focus is to find the right partners. Babak can give you a great presentation about Expivi at any given time (or anything else, for that matter).

Siamak M. Mirzaie

CTO & Co-Founder

Siamak M. Mirzaie is from Veldhoven, the Netherlands and is just like his brother Babak co-founder of Expivi. He studied International Game Architecture & Design and is the creator of Expivi’s online 3D configurator. As the Chief Technoglogy Officer he’s responsible for the technical side of the 3D configuration and visualisation and he can tell you everything about all the technical possibilities Expivi has to offer. His goal for Expivi is to create the best 3D configurator in the world. The best thing about working on Expivi’s possibilities on a daily basis is contributing to building the best startup in Europe.

Jur Rademakers

CIO & Co-Founder

Jur Rademakers from Valkenswaard, the Netherlands is Expivi’s co-founder and CIO (Chief Information Officer). Jur is a software engineer and has gained a lot of business experience by creating and selling succesful businesses several times and applies his knowledge and experience within Expivi too. Among other things, he makes sure that the right people are put on the right job. Jur is very proud of Expivi for being the only company in the world that can render complex products in high quality and in any browser.

Peter Kup


Peter Kup, from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is Expivi’s Chief Commercial Officer. His main focus is setting up sales activities and the international expansion of Expivi. Peter wants to streamline company processes, increase the efficiency and most importantly, allow Expivi to grow! Because of previous work he gained experience in e-commerce, retail, consultancy and recruitment. Peter loves the vibe at Expivi, because it’s ambitious and motivating and everyone wants to contribute to the success of Expivi.

Robert Rooseboom

3D engineer

Rick Smeets

Software engineer

Angela van Hooff

Sales Professional

Samaneh Gharibnezhad

Graphics Artist

Stan Daniëls

Software engineer

Gijs Schrijvers

3D artist

Alex Zarubin

Software engineer

Rory Lustermans

3D Artist

Tom van der Wielen

3D Artist

Marvin Roelofs

3D Artist

Manon Schepens

Digital Marketer

Martine Braams

Sales Professional

Armin Arabshahi

IT Director

Steven Romme

Sales Professional

Anupam Kumar Singh

Project Manager Development

Kai-Wei Hu

Project Manager 3D

Jurrien Dokter

Software Engineer

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If you’d like to join our team, head over to our careers page and see our current job openings or send us an open solicitation