Meet the Expivi Team

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The Expivi Team

Babak M. Mirzaie

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-founder Babak M. Mirzaie is from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This ambitious and charming CEO studied business management and before Expivi was founded, he and his brother Siamak co-founded the succesful game studio Golabi Studio. As the face of the company Babak wants the world to see and use their innovative 3D configurator, therefore his main focus is to find the right partners. Babak can give you a great presentation about Expivi at any given time (or anything else, for that matter). When he’s not busy working, he enjoys circuit motorcycling, travelling and loves to meet new people.

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Siamak M. Mirzaie

CTO & Co-Founder

Siamak M. Mirzaie is from Veldhoven, the Netherlands and is just like his brother Babak co-founder of Expivi. He studied International Game Architecture & Design and is the creator of Expivi’s online 3D configurator. As the Chief Technoglogy Officer he’s responsible for the technical side of the 3D configuration and visualisation and he can tell you everything about all the technical possibilities Expivi has to offer. His goal for Expivi is to create the best 3D configurator in the world. The best thing about working on Expivi’s possibilities on a daily basis is contributing to building the best startup in Europe. Besides programming Siamak loves gaming, fitness and food(!!!).

OLD Het Expivi Team

Jur Rademakers

CIO & Co-Founder

Jur Rademakers from Valkenswaard, the Netherlands is Expivi’s co-founder and CIO (Chief Information Officer). Jur is a software engineer and has gained a lot of business experience by creating and selling succesful businesses several times and applies his knowledge and experience within Expivi too. Among other things, he makes sure that the right people are put on the right job. Jur is very proud of Expivi for being the only company in the world that can render complex products in high quality and in any browser. Besides his work activities for Expivi and other companies, Jur can be found regularly in different countries climbing mountains, loves playing football and enjoys spending time with his family.

OLD Het Expivi Team

Mark Siekmans

Sales Manager

Mark Siekmans from Groningen, the Netherlands is responsible for everything sales related. As a true salesman with 10+ years of experience, he brings in new customers, but also makes sure he gets feedback from Expivi’s customers and prospects. This is how Expivi exactly knows what is going on and what’s important to the customers. The best part of workng for Expivi is seeing the responses and the enthusiasm when prospects get to see the 3D configurator software. He’s able to visit prospects with “something extremely cool”. Mark is a real sportsman as he partakes in triathlons, he adores his family and loves to listen to music and playing the guitar.

OLD Het Expivi Team

Robert Rooseboom

3D engineer

Robert Rooseboom from Delft, the Netherlands started working for Expivi as 3D engineer after his graduation from is study in Breda. He creates 3D models, modifies and improves 3D models for customers and sets up demos. With his abilities he can make examples that showcase all the possibilities Expivi has to offer, support the sales department and get people excited by showing them their products in 3D. Because of the freedom and trust Robert gets at Expivi, he can enjoy working independently on his projects. After work, he enjoys gaming.

OLD Het Expivi Team

Woei-Sang Tang

Digital Marketer

Woei-Sang Tang is from Eindhoven, the Netherlands and is Expivi’s Digital Marketer. His job is putting the right message in front of the right people, using all online and offline available channels and methods, to turn strangers into Expivi fans! Woei-Sang loves working for Expivi, because there’s an environment in which everyone’s working hard to achieve goals and no one feels limited to express new ideas and execute them, while also having a lot of fun together. In his spare time he loves to learn new things, go swimming and go see new films at the cinema.

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Rick Smeets

Software engineer

Rick Smeets from Utrecht, the Netherlands is Software Engineer at Expivi. He completed his internship at Expivi and became a full time employee after he graduated. Rick works on several projects and tests out a lot of different functions, such as the Expivi floorplanner. Rick enjoys the complete freedom he gets by starting and planning out new projects and working on these projects. This is why working for Expivi feels “free and open” to him. The true programmer Rick does not only work on programming during his work, he loves to program games and apps at home as well, not only because he wants to get better at programming, but because he loves to see the final results as well.

OLD Het Expivi Team

Angela van Hooff

Content Marketer

Angela van Hooff from Eindhoven, the Netherlands is Expivi’s Content Marketer and creates valuable and relevant content for Expivi. The main goal is to use content to guide the customer through the customer journe. Angela has gained experience creating content for webshops, which is why she knows what the value of the right content can be, but also knows the importance of keeping a webshop up to date. A couple of the advantages of working at Expivi is, according to her, working in a young, motivated team and to get to work with a cool, innovative product. Angela loves dancing, festivals, traveling, movies, music and basically doing as much fun stuff as she can!

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Samaneh Gharibnezhad

Graphics Artist

Samaneh Gharibnezhad from Veldhoven is the Graphics Artist at Expivi. She’s responsible for the graphics designs and wants to show the world what Expivi is capable of in her own artistic way. What she loves about Expivi is the fact that everyone is working on something completely unique and the fact that the Expivi team consists of young and energetic people who are motivated to make Expivi a successful company, where there’s room for everyone’s creativity. The creative Samaneh loves to paint and draw, go for a walk in the nature and is a big fan of Italian music.

OLD Het Expivi Team

Tim Aerdts

Software engineer

Tim Aerdts is from Panningen, the Netherlands and calls himself a general geek who loves to keep busy with his job. He is a software engineer for Expivi, which means he works on software development, mainly in the backend. Tim would like to contribute to Expivi’s success by creating solid and stable software. He has experience in software development and likes working for Expivi because of the challenge due to the complexity of the software. When he’s not at his (sitting down) job he loves to exercise by doing crossfit, FPV Quad flying and geocaching.

The Expivi Team

Alex Zarubin

Software engineer

Alex Zarubin, from Russia, is software engineer for Expivi and is working on the backend architecture, implementation and internal solutions development for example. Alex wants to use his skills to help showcase all the possibilities and technology Expivi has to offer. He loves working at Expivi because of the friendly coworkers, the freedom he gets and enjoys the fact that the company is always searching for better ways of building the products. Alex describes himself as a “geek” and loves watching Korean TV-dramas and enjoys keeping busy with photography.

The Expivi Team

Karol Osinski

3D Engineer

Karol Osinski is born and raised in Poland and is now living in Italy. Karol describes himself as very focused on his goals and as a 3D engineer for Expivi he creates 3D models ready for Expivis configurator. He is very passionate about 3D graphics and wants to use his skills to show the products in the best possible way. Karol loves working for Expivi because he loves new technologies being pushed further and believes 3D configuration solutions will become an everyday tool. In his spare time he enjoys working on his own personal projects, but he also likes history, astronomy and sports.

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