The first month of: Martine Braams

Working at Expivi, what is that like? We get that question quite sometime and we figured… Who can give the answer better than the employees themselves? That is why we introduce you: ‘The first month of’. We kick off with Martine Braams, she started as a Sales Professional!

How did she get here?

I think it is safe to say that my application cycle at Expivi was short. Very short. To be exact, it took me exactly one week to meet everyone, negotiate and sign my contract, quit my old job and start here. This story is a great example of why maintaining a (business) network is super important!

It took me exactly one week to meet everyone

I received a WhatsApp message from my former manager telling me he found me a nice position at a company where his friend works. That friend is Peter Kup, my current manager and our CCO at Expivi. Even though I got a stomach ache from considering and eventually giving up my previous position within my probationary period, I am glad I made this decision. 😉

Working at Expivi

To speak more about Expivi: I really like the vibe. I feel like everyone can be themselves and everyone does their best to be nice and understand each other. Because we are a young company, a lot of processes can still be perfected. At Expivi I am a Sales Professional, but I also improve our CRM system and process (HubSpot), as well as other sales processes. I have even fixed some issues within our administration (to make our life easier). I get the opportunity to write blogs, join events and to party with my new colleagues. I enjoy the freedom, especially in combination with the responsibilities I get (and may take). They basically say: you can do whatever you want as long as you work hard and deliver quality. Taking initiative really is appreciated. The owners see the value of their company in their employees and that is a great feature to have.

Work hard, play hard!

So what does Expivi do in my opinion? I feel like our platform provides you with a new way of presenting your products to your customers and have them engage more. Your customers are able to see the exact product they order in real-time, with all of the details they choose or changes they make to it. Even in AR! It lowers the chance of disappointment, as well as your number of returns. One of our customers has been able to reduce his numbers by no less than 11%. That’s impressive! Of course, I can tell you more about what we are able to do for your business, but I would rather show you. Interested or just curious? Give us a call!