How to setup your own 3D Product Configurator

We’ve created a series of tutorials to teach you how to use the Expivi 3D ecommerce platform, so that you can see and learn how easy it is to create your own 3D product configurator for your website or webshop.

You can also go to the Expivi documentation page or our FAQ page.

Lesson 1: An overview of the backend

In the first lesson we guide you through the backend of our 3D ecommerce platform and show you the best ways to use Expivi in your business.

Lesson 2: How to prepare your 3D models and setup your product

In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to prepare your 3D models for the Expivi platform in the best possible way to save you a lot of time and setup a basic configuration for the variations of your product.

Lesson 3: How to visualize and present your products

In lesson 2 we showed you how to prepare your 3D models and setting up a basic configuration for your product. In this lesson we dive into showcasing your product. We’ll teach you how to visualize and present your product to your customer in the best way possible.

Lesson 4: How to setup material groups and apply it to your products

In the previous lessons we showed you how to setup, configure and visualize your products. In this lesson we’re going to teach you how to create material groups and apply these materials to different parts of your products in order to give your customers selectable variations for your product.

Lesson 5: How to setup pricing and business rules

In this lesson we’re going to teach you how you can setup pricing to the attributes of your products and how to use and setup business rules to give your customers a better way to configure your products.

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