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The success of Cando

Intergamma - Do It Yourself Company

Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself formulas GAMMA and KARWEI. With almost 400 ahrdware stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, they have been the undisputed number one in the DIY market for years. 


The cooperation was excellent. Expivi switches quickly and thinks about every detail in the process. The sheet material is sold per m2 and complex accounting rules are at the back of each form and finish. For Expivi it was no problem to develop this.

Klaas Verrips

Project Manager

Choose wood

With Expivi’s intuitive 3D configurator, customers go through a few simple steps. First step: choosing the wood type.


Choose the right shapes, materials, sizes and corner cut shapes for your wood boards and planks.

Delivery at home

Order it immediately after customization and wait for delivery.

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