Make shopping personal with 3D e-commerce

Take the in-store shopping experience online. Expivi allows you to meet the growing expectations of your online customers. They are able to see exactly what they are buying, which means more confidence and less returns.

Setup once, use across multiple channels

You only need to set-up your products once. You can then use the same data across all of your channels. 

One solution to:
-Plug & Play on your existing e-commerce platform
-Greatly improve and shorten B2B processes
-Enable your retailers to sell more, with just one and the same source

With the help of Expivi we were able to up our sales with 12%

Augmented reality for immersive experience

Integrating augmented reality enriches your customers online experience and shortens the path to purchase. As a result you will see a higher conversion rate and happier customers. You will have the power to personalize products on desktop and mobile and your customers can view the results instantly from anywhere in the world.

Automate order processing

Save time, money and human resources with Expivi’s order processing system. With every order a complete Bill of Materials is generated for each product. Thanks to the ERP system integration, the complete list can be automatically sent to your office and manufacturer. 

3D CPQ that scales

Thanks to our highly reliable and global content delivery network (CDN), we assure the best performance and availability for your customers. Expivi’s network scales automatically with your needs as your business keeps growing.