3D configurator explained

All you need to know about 3D configuration

What is a 3D configurator?

A 3D configurator is a digital interactive tool which allows clients to view and experience products like never before. Online clients can see products in three dimensions, zoom in and out and most importantly customize the items they wish buy. Do you want add: “spin for 360 degree viewing”. There are number of advantages in integrating a 3D configurator in your online sales. For starters, potential customers will appreciate having a new interactive way to engage with products while doing shopping online. Customization is at the heart of a new, exciting shopping experience that showcases a product that reflects who they really want to be. This kind of motivates customers to defer less and buy faster. Importantly, for online retailers, there are fewer returns because customers are able to see exctly what they are purchasing. For companies that integrate a 3D configurator on their platform there is a marked increase in sales.

3D configurator helps customers make more informed decisions based on real time changes and price displays, making their buying decision easier. Also, inventory can be is reduced as production is based on clients’ specifications. There is also much you can learn about customers’ shopping experience. On average , clients spend around 30 minutes customizing a product with a 3D configurator. A 3D configurator promotes a meaningful dialogue between the ecommerce company and their customers. Customers provide insights into design, colors, materials, sizes and other requirements live and on the site. Vendors can see immediately how consumers want their product personalized

How to build your own configurator?

Now that you know 3D configurators and in particular 3D ecommerce will help grow your business, lets talk about next steps. First, consider your objectives and set metrics to meausure success on the customer journey. Second, determine which products would benefit most from 3D configurators and possible personalization and customization. Once decided on styles, collect images of materials, colors and product selections. Third, generate 3D files, or employ our help to build your 3D files. Tip: build your files in lower quantity of polygons—loads much faster and keeps your customer more engaged than a heavy polygon file. Other additional features to add in your configurator include dynamic price displays often referred to Configure, price quote.. With CPQ, the price changes as the online client tests all available options and customizes the product to his/her needs.

Consumers know their cost before checkout, improving purchase percentages. Remember to end with a strong call to action so that the transaction is completed without delay. Ways to do this include a timer or an add to shopping cart tag. What about mobility? Your 3D configurator will lend itself well to desktop and mobile devices. This means that sales personnel can take the 3D models of your product on visits to customers, events, and share on social media . This is an additional bonus, specially for products that are too large to transport with ease. To learn more about your 3D configurator, please contact us directly. Our account managers are standing by to answer any questions you might have regarding costs, development and licensing of your 3D configurator.