Story and mission

How it all started: meet our founders, discover our story and mission

Our story

Jur, Babak and Siamak are the 3 founders of Expivi. After years of game development and specialization in 3D visualization technology, they decided to bring disruptive technologies to e-commerce.

They brought 3D and augmented reality to the e-commerce market, which resulted in a revolutionary way of impressing online shoppers. Online shopping will never be the same anymore with Expivi.

Expivi is a ground-breaking commerce platform which greatly enriches the future of (online) shopping using 3D and AR technology


Our mission

It’s our mission to make Expivi the new e-commerce standard gloabally as we believe 3D and augmented reality are the future. Expivi helps you conquer the online world.

Bereit anzufangen mit 3D und AR?

Legen Sie sich selbst los oder lassen Sie Expivi das gesamte Projekt von A bis Z schließen. Alles ist möglich. Fordern Sie jetzt unverbindlich weitere Informationen an.