Easy-to-use 3D Product Configurator to Show Your Products in 360°

Let your customers customize your products in realtime 3D and let them order it immediately on your e-commerce platform

Plugins available for:

…and easily integrated in any other e-commerce platform

Still using product images?

Step into 3D product visualisation. And make it configurable too… in realtime!

Be a step ahead of your competitors

Shopping in a 3D world with augmented and virtual reality is going to happen. As a startup, we’ve already helped e-commerce businesses like yours grow in an Amazon-dominated landscape. Allow us to show you how

Browser based

Show your configurable products in 3D in your own webshop, visible on any device with a web browser. No plugins needed!

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Easy ERP & webshop integration

Easy integration with your ERP system and/or webshop will save you many hours of work and reduce mistakes in order processing.

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Unlimited product options in VR and AR

With our advanced technology, your products may have unlimited options with millions of combinations without decline in 3D performance.

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Done-for-you 3D modelling

Products made in any 3D modelling software like Maya, 3D Max, Revit, can be easily imported in our platform. Our 3D modelling team can help you with creating 3D models.

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Why use Expivi’s 3D Product Configurator?

Our mission is to help your (e-commerce) business grow by implementing 3D experiences. We’ve done this for several businesses already by reducing their costs and boosting their sales.

Reducing costs


No more multiple images of your products for each variation and angle. Just one view to show your products in real 360°, cutting costs for expensive and unscalable product photography


An order for a completely configured product with all its selected options could be placed and send to your integrated ERP system fully automated


Your clients see the final product (even in augmented reality) before ordering, reducing the average return rate


Expivi works with a pay-as-you-go model. For working with Expivi you pay no license fees

Boosting sales


Your customers can view the final product in augmented reality on their phone or tablet in their own environment to make better buying decisions


With unlimited options, you can offer your customers upsells and cross sells they never knew they needed in realtime


Changing configured products and proposals can be done within minutes, increasing your flexibility towards your clients greatly


Configured products can be saved easily, making it easy for your customers to place repeat orders.

Proud Winner

Of the Dell For Entrepeneurs Major League StartUp Competition 2017

Proud nominee Computable Awards 2018

The most important Dutch ICT awards of the year!

Read the jury report (Dutch) here and vote for us at www.expivi.com/vote. Thank you!



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