Award-winning plugin to show your products in 3D

Your customers choose the options, show them the final product in 3D and let them order it immediately in your e-commerce (Magento, Woocommerce, etc) platform

Couch leather
Cusshions leather
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Be prepared for the 3d revolution in retail

It’s going to happen: shopping in a 3D world with augmentated and virtual reality. Be one step ahead of the competition. Allow us to show you how

Web based

WebGL based, directly inside browser. View and order products on any device and from any webshop.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Seamless transition from browser to Augmented and Virtual Reality within the same pipeline. No extra work required!


Cloud based along with advanced compression and streaming capability, there are no limitation to how many options a product has.


Quick workflow

The application helps anyone to create 3D configurable products using a simple drag and drop system, without any programming knowledge.


Automated process from order to delivery

1. Product Configuration

A simple to use platform that has standardized product configuration. Whether you’re selling a simple pen or a complete yacht, Expivi makes it possible to visualize and personalize those products in any way the customer wants, directly inside the browser.

2. Quotation

Products can consist out of thousands of parts laying on cloud and customer options are built in real-time right inside the browser. Every component within the product is available in the cloud. Above attribute based price calculation, Expivi can even calculate prices based on the product’s components.

3. Fulfillment

Expivi’s innovative technology has combined the power of cloud with web-browsers to provide a scalable solution. Since every component within the product is available on cloud, Expivi is able to build detailed article lists that can be communicated with ERP systems for component based price calculations, manufacturing and inventory.

Interactive 3D customer journey for Gispen B.V.

450 different options and over 100 million combinations can be customized in real time inside any browser. Instant price quotation based on options and component parts, real time connection with ERP and webshops like Magento along with seamless transition to AR experience using the very same pipeline.

Proud Winner

Of the Dell For Entrepeneurs Major League StartUp Competition 2017

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