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Define options and configurations
Expivi’s 3D configurator is not only a simple configurator to show your products in 3D with some options. Expivi is a fully featured 3D ecommerce platform with only one thing in mind: generating sales. That’s how Expivi was built and all features are all focused on this particular goal.
3D Product Configuration with CPQ
Expivi’s 3D configurator allows customers to personalise your products to their hearts’ desire. With real-time visualisation and feedback, your customers can view the product and the selected options in 3D and even in augmented reality! CPQ (Configure Price Quote) support allows you to show your customers a unique price for each option selected and a total price for the final product instantly.
Highly scalable
Some products might only have a couple of different options or variations and other products might have hundreds of different parts and attributes with a million different combinations! Thanks to the ingenious architecture of the Expivi 3D ecommerce platform, your products can have a unlimited number of parts, options and variations, without sacrificing quality and speed. Expivi’s real-time 3D configurator combined with cloud technology doesn’t limit the number of products and options and allows your business to be highly scalable! Because Expivi’s technology is based on parts and components to build the 3D visualisation of the product, it’s a small step to generate a complete Bill of Materials (a list of all components of the product) and send it to your ERP system using our API.
Accelerate sales and increase sales conversion on the road
Expivi is a cloud based technology which allows your sales team to use Expivi from any device with an internet connection. Your sales representatives will have an easy to use tool to show your products to your clients, customise it and generate price quotations on the spot. The complete order can be sent to your back office with a single click thanks to the ERP integration. With the built-in analytics function you can get comprehensive insights in sales conversions and customer behaviour to make data driven decisions to improve your sales even further.
Try our 3D configurator for free!
Discover what Expivi can do for your business and request a free demo! We will help you set-up everything. Oh and don’t worry, there are no payment details needed. After 30 days you decide if you want to move forward with the configurator!