Barbas Bellfires

Customizing your own fireplace within a few minutes and view it directly in AR to see how it looks like in your room.

Barbars configurator


We proudly present the 3D configurator for Stylepoint! Take a look at how they offer fully customized and personalized tableware for their customers.

''Expivi took our CAD model of our helmet and got a working Configurator up and running within matter of weeks.''

ROBIN SPICER - Founder of Armis Polo

Armis Polo

Customizable polo helmets, with image upload and text input! This 3D configurator was built in WordPress WooCommerce.

Plaka Sandals

Design your own sandals of your dreams! Choose a footbed pattern, colors for the main, side and toe ropes. You will look amazing!

”Expivi switches quick and thinks about every detail in the process. To me, Expivi stands for flexibility”

KLAAS VERRIPS - Project Manager DeliHome


Comfortable office chairs don’t need to be boring. Design your own Herman Miller chair and relax.

Original Portus

Original Portus is really glad to have chosen to launch a 3D configurator last year already because it gives them a major advantage in the current situation. Being able to present their products in 3D has become an important extra sales channel for them.