Expivi is working with brands to create 3D digital prototypes, ensuring on-time development schedules, effective merchandising meetings, and customer engagement. These brands are gaining first mover advantage.

Speed to Market timeline

Why speed to market is critical today

  • Closer to consumer trends 
  • Viewed as innovative leader 
  • Product customization and make to order 
  • Reduce cost of product creation 
  • Beat your competition. 

Traditional product cycle: 18 months

Traditional product creation cycle averages 18 months, with exceptional travel time, expensive budgets and lots of back and forth reviewing products. 

Digital prototype cycle

By reducing the back and forth prototype process, companies can reduce their development cycles by months.

Remote meetings: visualization platform

Hold product review meetings remotely with Expivi’s innovative 3D viewer platform.

Process improvement

Thru visual prototyping, brands can make decisions quicker. Leaders are evolving to match today’s digitization and e-commerce models, holding more remote meetings. Instead of 18 month development cycles aimed at wholesalers, strong brands are closer to their consumer with new products much quicker. Additionally, brands are now developing capabilities at customization and making products specific to orders, reducing inventory risk.

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