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Expivi's 3D configurator changes the purchase process

Our 3D configurator is augmented reality software that allows customers to experience products online like never before. They can see these products in 3D and AR, zoom in and out to see details, and most importantly, customize and personalize the products they are interested in. As a result, customers become highly engaged in the design process and are more likely to purchase based on the positive customer experience.

How does a 3D configurator work?

A 3D configurator is an interactive tool that allows users to customize products in augmented reality software. Here’s how it works:


  • Users select a base product to customize.
  • Users customize product features such as color, material, size, and additional parts. This is done through an intuitive interface that updates the 3D model in real time.
  • The tool renders high-quality, interactive 3D images of the product and shows changes instantly.
  • The configurator can be integrated with e-commerce platforms for seamless purchases, including price adjustments based on customizations.

This technology enhances the customer experience by providing detailed product previews and personalized options. In addition, this technology increases sales by speeding up and improving the purchase process. This creates a positive customer experience that ultimately leads to customer loyalty. Curious about other benefits? Read on below.

The benefits of 3D/AR product visualization

Improved customer experience

The benefits of using a 3D configurator in an online store are endless. It allows potential customers to view and experience products in a unique, innovative and interactive manner, which they are likely to appreciate.

Fewer returns thanks to 3D rendering

Reduced returns and increased customer satisfaction thanks to 3D rendering. With an accurate, lifelike representation of products, customers know exactly what they’re purchasing, leading to greater satisfaction and fewer returns.

More turnover from (online) channels

Companies that integrate Expivi 3D and/or AR solutions into their existing e-commerce platform see a clear increase in turnover due to advantages mentioned earlier.

Faster buyers decision

Adding options to a product, different color schemes and correct pricing thanks to CPQ allows customers to make their decision faster. Has a product been ordered? Only then does production of the customized product start. Unnecessary inventories are a thing of the past.

Increased sales

The configurator realizes a higher average order value. People are tempted to buy more expensive options or accessories, resulting in higher revenue.

Insight into user behavior

With Expivi’s analysis tool, businesses can gain a deep understanding of customer preferences, helping them tailor their products, marketing strategies, and overall customer experience more effectively.

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Increase up-sell and revenue by showing accessories.

Peter Eiselin, CEO and Founder

“Saying ‘we don’t have this bike or accessory in the shop right now’ is a thing of the past. People want convenience, and with the configurator we are able to meet and exceed their expectations.”

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Frequently asked questions about Expivi's 3D configurator:

What makes the Expivi 3D configurator unique?

An important feature that can be added to the Expivi 3D configurator is the dynamic price display CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote). With CPQ, the price of the product changes when the customer tests the available options and customizes the product to his or her requirements. The customer thus knows exactly what the custom product will ultimately cost. Additional advantage: the purchase rate within the web shop improves as a result.

Don’t forget to end with a powerful call-to-action to complete the transaction faster. Do this for example with a timer, eye-catching button or a tag when the product is added to the shopping cart.

In addition, the configurator can be used on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. This means sales staff can take the 3D models of the product with them when visiting customers or events and share them on social media. Ideal for products that are too large to transport easily.

For more information about the 3D product configurator, contact us directly. Our account managers are ready to answer any questions about cost, development and licensing.

Is it complex to set up and integrate the 3D configurator?

Thanks to the convenient drag and drop system, complex business rules, constraints or conditions are easy to implement without programming knowledge. Drag and drop and it is configured.

Has the 3D model been uploaded to Expivi’s platform? Great! The next step is integration into the web shop with one of the available plug-ins or an API connection. There are standard plug-ins available for:

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • BigCommerce
  • Sana Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • SAP
  • Salesfoce Cloud
  • Custom (API)

Composable software: all Expivi solutions are modular

Expandable is the supplier of high-quality, affordable movable spaces with short delivery times for use in a variety of situations with a strong focus on road shows, product launches and event promotions. The products excel in user-friendliness and customizability, a perfect product for Expivi’s 3D configurator.

  • The different solutions (3D, AR, CPQ and design to print) are modular and therefore can be implemented individually or as a complete solution.
  • Expvi integrates with all systems (software) including its own CMS, ERP, CAD and PIM systems.
  • The omnichannel solutions for retailers and manufacturers make the store floor and resellers an extension of the webshop.
  • Do you want to learn more about this powerful tool? Contact us to request a demo!