Expivi offers a seamless and intuitive augmented reality experience for your customers. With a single click, your customers can view the customized product on their mobile devices. No extra plugins or work needed, because it’s already within Expivi’s platform! Your customers scan their surroundings, place the product in it and can view the product instantly. 

Next level e-commerce with AR

  • Integrating augmented reality enriches the online experience of your customers, allowing them to make better buying decisions and shortens the path to purchase.
  • Customers can engage with your products in real-time, explore it from every angle, move it around and place it in their own environment.
  • AR allows customers to virtually try out your products. When customers are able to see exactly what they are purchasing, their confidence level rises, and cart abandonment is reduced. In addition, an educated buyer is less likely to return a product.

By using AR your sales will increase by 12%

Personalize and customize products within AR

Since Expivi offers a seamless AR experience, your customers can experience all possible variation inside Augemented Reality in real-time.

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