Cupsz: packaging configurations sent automatically to the printer

Cupsz is a Dutch producer that specializes in the production of disposable coffee cups and food packaging. The company has their own design studio and factory where countless of products are being designed and produced for the European market.


Reduce human error and effort for low volume orders

Cupsz key strengths are flexibility, speed and low volumes. Offering low volume custom printed products through the webstore leads to challenges as the typical sales process involves manual labor of creating designs which is time consuming and expensive.

To be able to offer customizable products in low volumes through their online channels they were looking for a solution. This solution should allow customers to create their own bespoke designs online, including an output file that can be used for production. This takes away the need for manual interference. Besides the design process customers should also be able to select different sizes of the products and choose options like a lid.


Ready to print file with the 3D configurator: design your own

With the implementation of Expivi’s Design and Print solution, Cupsz was able to offer unique solution. With this advanced software, users can use a 3D configurator to design products and instantaneously prepare them for printing, all without the need for manual intervention.
Customers are able to upload artwork, text and choose between the product specific options like a lid. As the configurator includes real-time price calculations it is very easy for customers to make the best decision on the required volume in relation to the total cost of production. The solution is very engaging and visualizes the end results perfectly leading to an increase in sales.

Once a design is finalized, Expivi generates a print-ready file. This file contains all the necessary specifications, including colors, dimensions, and positioning, ensuring a seamless transition from the virtual design phase to the printing stage.


Speed up design and order process with automated design-to-print tool

The new way of working speeds up the design process for customers that do not need to be serviced by the design studio of Cupsz. They can easily create their designs online, 24/7 without the need for a Cupsz employee. At the same time customers are presented with a perfect 3D visualization of their design and have the opportunity to choose various options. A perfect and engaging product presentation!

Real-time pricing

With the design configurator, real-time price is displayed for products in various batch sizes.

Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D visualization increases the customer experience by showing designs directly.

Reduce overhead costs

Reducing the pressure on the design studio and allowing customers to create their own bespoke designs.

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