De Bommel: Sustainable scalability made possible with 3D configuration

De Bommel Meubelen, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a renowned furniture company known for its superior and customizable furniture. Crafted with a strong emphasis on quality, De Bommel’s furniture is built to withstand the test of time. Their exquisite products are conveniently accessible through their webshop and are distributed throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

With a dedicated workforce of approximately 200 individuals, this leading furniture brand is committed to delivering the finest craftsmanship and continuous growth within these two countries.


How to keep up with a more demanding and ever changing market

De Bommel faced challenges in providing customers with an accurate and immersive online shopping experience. The traditional process of showcasing their furniture required physical showrooms and catalogs, which could be limiting for customers who wanted to see different variations and designs. De Bommel Meubelen also looked at the competitive field and decided to catch-up with its competitors in the digital environment.


A personalized shopping experience

De Bommel Meubelen embraced the transformative power of Expivi’s 3D configurator, revolutionizing the way customers interact with their furniture. By implementing this innovative tool, customers gained the ability to unleash their creativity and design their own unique furniture pieces. The virtual showroom provided an immersive experience, presenting lifelike representations of the furniture designs, while empowering customers to make real-time adjustments according to their preferences.

With the freedom to select from a wide array of materials, colors, and sizes, customers enjoyed a truly personalized shopping journey. Not only did the 3D configurator enhance the customer experience, but it also proved to be a cost-effective and flexible solution for De Bommel Meubelen.


A perfect balance between on- and offline experience

The integration of Expivi’s 3D configurator has yielded remarkable outcomes for De Bommel Meubelen, revolutionizing how they communicate their intricate product offerings to customers. This advancement has led to a significant boost in both sales and customer satisfaction. With the configurator seamlessly integrated into their online presence through a Shopware 6 integration, De Bommel Meubelen now strikes a perfect balance between digital and physical showrooms, creating an enhanced experience for customers.

By utilizing the configurator not only online but also in their showrooms, both consumers and internal staff have the opportunity to showcase the extensive range of options available in their table collection. This comprehensive and interactive presentation has elevated De Bommel Meubelen’s ability to cater to diverse customer preferences, resulting in increased sales and heightened levels of satisfaction among their clientele.


Configurator allows for easy scalability and creation of new concepts, facilitating expansion across multiple website domains.


By introducing the online configurator in their “offline” showrooms, the Bommel created a completely new omnichannel experience to fully support the sales process of their customers.

Scalability through 3D visualization

By adding options to the 3D configurator before they are even produced for the showroom. De Bommel is able to get new products sold before they are even produced, making it possible to scale faster then ever.

Klaas Berends, Marketing & E-commerce Manager

"We chose Expivi because their 3D configurator is transforming how we interact with our customers. It empowers us to offer an exceptional level of customization and engagement, showcasing the full potential of our furniture. With Expivi, we are confident that we can elevate the customer experience to new levels
and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Together with Expivi, we will continue our successful journey and explore new possibilities in the future, where personalized and immersive shopping experiences are increasingly valued."

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