Doppio: 40% higher average order value with the 3D configurator

Doppio, the two-seater e-bike brand developed from a mobility problem in increasingly crowded cities, was looking for a way to let customers use all available options to build bikes themselves, customized to their needs.


Omnichannel solution: configure online & in-store

Doppio collaborated with Expivi to create a high quality configurator that uses 3D visuals and Augmented Reality to visually and dynamically show customers all the possible product options of the Doppio Bike. The solution is being presented on the doppio website and also in the showrooms on interactive screens helping customers make a sound decision.

“We want to deliver an inspiring customer experience across all our touchpoints, whether customers are visiting our website, our brand store or any other product placement location. That’s where our collaboration with Expivi comes in; together we’ve built a smart solution with which we’ll deliver the full doppio experience to customers,” said Peter Eiselin, CEO and Founder of doppio.


Showcase every combination and option available to increase the order value

The product configurator supports doppio’s direct-to-consumer business model as this reduces the need for physical contact with customers. On top of that, implementation of the configurator paved the way for lean production and stock management. The sales team of Doppio has experienced that customers who now visit one of their stores are already in the final stage of the customer buying journey making it faster and easier to close deals. In addition the average order value has increased by a staggering 40% by simply showcasing all the possible options (e.g. locks, child seats) to a customer in a 3D configuration flow.

As for the future, the configurator allows the brand to make design changes more easily and react to changes in the market faster than before. They’re also experimenting with a wide array of marketing possibilities because the Augmented Reality functionality of the configurator lets them put the bike anywhere, literally.

Higher average order value

By using the 3D configurator people are triggered to choose extra options, accessories and more expensive elements of the bike, because they look better.

Shorter sales cycle

Customers are selecting their preferred bike before visiting our showrooms. By using the configurator they are fully prepared and only need a test ride before buying the bike.

Increased up- & cross-sell

Locks and other products that are included in the configurator generates an increase in cross-sell.

Peter Eiselin, CEO and Founder

“Saying ‘we don’t have this bike or accessory in the shop right now’ is a thing of the past. People want convenience, and with the configurator we are able to meet and exceed their expectations.”

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