Heutink: 3D configurator for daycare and elementary school products

Heutink provides educational materials and resources for schools and teachers, with a focus on early childhood education. They offer a wide range of products, including furniture, games, and teaching aids, all designed to support children’s learning and development. Heutink Groep was searching for a way to provide online customers with the exclusive ability to customize their more complex products.

an infant bed.


Complex products made look easy in a visual configurator

As they began exploring the field of 3D configuration and after going through the quotation processes, Heutink Groep decided to choose Expivi as their 3D configuration partner. In addition to having excellent communication with them, they were also attracted to the idea of using a standardized 3D platform rather than a custom-built solution.

Before implementing Expivi’s 3D configurator, Heutink faced challenges in providing customers with an accurate and immersive online shopping experience. The traditional process of showcasing their complex products required physical showrooms and catalogs, which could be limiting for customers who wanted to see different variations and designs.


Generate more leads with an automatic product selector

Heutink Groep implemented Expivi’s 3D configurator, allowing customers to create and customize their own ground box. Customers or the internal sales staff can customize their by choosing different positions, height, materials, and sizes. This resulted in an enhanced shopping experience. The main purpose is to generate more leads with this attractive way of showcasing the complex products.


A perfect balance between on- and offline experience

With the help of Expivi’s 3D-configurator, Heutink has been able to offer a more customized and interactive shopping experience for their customers, helping them to find the products that best fit their needs and preferences. Also it enabled the internal sales team to give a better bespoke advice.

Looking at the traffic on the product pages, the product page where the 3D configurator has been located/integrated is performing a lot better than other pages where no configurator is placed.

Improved quotation process

Heutink is now able to send quotes automatically with the 3D configurator, saving time and money for sales representatives.

Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D visualization increases the customer experience by showing realistic renderings.

Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Customers are able to select options and accessories in the 3D configurator, increasing the average order value.

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