Kingspan Australia - Urban Tank builder: Guided selling tool

For years, Kingspan has been manufacturing high-quality Water tank solutions for various usages. The tanks Urban tank division focuses on domestic water tanks which are available in various sizes and can be fully customized to the requirements of the customers.

However, they faced a challenge: how could they accurately showcase the many different configurations of their water tanks to customers ensuring correct orders and quotes?


Sales guide for customers to build water tanks

Together with the team at Kingspan Expivi went to the drawing board and designed an easy to use and rich 3D water tank builder. This configurator functions as a sales guide and helps customers to build the water tank according to their exact requirements. Customers are informed with all the possibilities and can review important metrics of the water tanks during the configuration process.

A very important feature within the configurator is the ability to choose the positions of the inlets and outlets of the water tanks. This provides the sales team of Kingspan with perfect requests for quotation speeding up the sales process tremendously.


3D experience with price calculation and PDF generation

The 3D water tank builder has proven itself to be a very valuable tool for Kingspan. The solution offers customers a unique and immersive experience with perfect visualization of the Kingspan water tank range. For the sales and marketing team it has proven itself as the perfect solution for lead generation and process improvement.

Quotes are processed fast and without hassle and customers who request a quote are easy to convert into sales.

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience as our team and the customer would already have all the details in hand to discuss their tank requirements.

Converting sales tool

The ability to quickly create new product variation images just by utilising the 3D models within the configurator for product pages.

Increase in sales

The tank configurator is one of our best lead conversion tools.

Ivan Siah, Digital marketing and e-commerce lead at Kingspan

“Expivi's 3D configurator has put Kingspan Water Tanks at the forefront of the water tank industry in Australia, transforming our 2D tank configurator into the 3D space. With thousands of possible size combinations available for our customers, the 3D configurator allows Kingspan Water Tank's customers to easily configure and visualize the perfect water tank to suit their needs."

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