Mline: 3D bed configurator with 385% increase in completed configurations

Mline is a leading supplier of premium mattresses and sleep solutions, ideal for top athletes. Many top athletes therefore collaborate with M line to enhance their sleep and recovery. But how do you utilize a 3D configurator to ensure that consumers purchase specifically from you and visit the showroom?


A solution online and offline for customers

The commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has turned M line into a very strong brand in the Dutch as well as the European market. For the box spring assortment, Mline was searching for a better solution to showcase the products online and at their dealers.

In the bedding landscape, it’s a challenge to ensure that resellers sell your brand and not that of a competitor. Therefore, provide them with the best tools and resources to achieve this.


3D experience with price calculation and PDF generation

By implementing Expivi’s 3D configuration and visualization platform, M line revolutionizes its online presence. The interactive and immersive shopping experience created by partner Boldly-XR and Expivi, allows customers to explore Mline’s product options in full detail and customize them according to their preferences. The solution also allows users to showcase the products in Web-augmented reality.


A perfect balance between on- and offline experience

Expivi’s 3D configurators take the M line customer experience to the next level! Customers create their dream box-spring within a few clicks, both online and on the shop floor leading to a 28% increase in website visitors and an astounding 385% increase in completed configurations.

The interactive 3D configurator enables customers to visualize and customize their mattresses in real-time, selecting various options such as firmness, size, and additional features. This level of customization empowers customers to make informed decisions, resulting in higher satisfaction and increased sales for M line.

Higher average order value

By using the 3D configurator people are triggered to choose extra options, accessories and more expensive elements.

Shorter sales cycle

Customers are selecting their preferred bedbefore visiting our showrooms. By using the configurator they are fully prepared and only need to check it in real life.

Increased up- & cross-sell

Locks and other products that are included in the configurator generates an increase in cross-sell.

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