Padel Galis: increase sales and reduce errors with 3D configurator

Padel Galis is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of padel courts. Since 2016 the company has built and installed more than 8,000 padel courts in over 50 countries. To ensure the highest levels of quality and excellence innovation is at the core of the company’s culture. But how can they speed up the sales process and sales cycle?


Scale up with a Configure-Price-Quote solution

Padel Galis recognized the need to scale up their business while enhancing its customer experience during the design and quotation process. To realize this without investing heavily in human resources Padel Galis started their search for a CPQ system with high end visualization capabilities.


Customize padel courts in 3D configurator in all possible combinations

Expivi’s cutting-edge 3D configurator offered the perfect solution for Padel Galis’ requirements. By integrating this technology into their website and sales process, Padel Galis enabled customers to design and customize their padel courts using an interactive and user-friendly interface. Expivi’s configurator provided a wide range of customization options, including court dimensions, materials, colors, lighting, and accessories. It allowed customers to visualize their customized padel court in real-time, providing an accurate representation of the final product.


A powerful tool for sales representatives to use the 3D configurator as a digital catalogue

The collaboration between Padel Galis and Expivi yielded significant results, improving efficiency in the quotation process, increasing sales requests, and equipping sales representatives with a powerful tool to engage clients. On top of this, Padel Galis was able to onboard dealers more efficientl
y without sacrificing precious time on training and onboarding processes.

The product configurator increased the efficiency during the quotation process by streamlining the configuration flow and showcasing all possible options and features. The optimized configuration flow not only saved time for customers but also reduced configuration errors, leading to smoother transactions and installations of courts.

By incorporating Expivi’s design tool Padel Galis is standing out from the competition and has gained a competitive advantage in the market which led to an increased amount of sales requests without scaling up their customer service.

Improved quotation process

Padel Galis is now able to send quotes automatically with the 3D configurator, saving time and money for sales representatives.

Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D visualization increases the customer experience by showing realistic renderings.

Direct sales tool

Sales representatives now have a tool to display all combinations, without needing a training to understand the product catalogue.

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