T1tan: endless possibilities with 3D

T1tan is a manufacturer of high quality goalkeeper products such as gloves and keepers shirts and shorts. With their football gloves T1tan is conquering the market by offering great quality and redefining design possibilities. They are exceeding client expectations by delivering unique personalized products with short lead times.


How to visualize every possible combination in the product range and automate production

With a close connection to their consumers, they understood that customization and personalization of sporting goods was a trend to keep on their radar. As they offer a wide range of designs and product customizations T1tan was looking for a solution that could present all the possibilities and at the same time help to optimize the production process.

“We strongly believe in producing exactly what the consumer wants. That way, we serve the consumer, but we also eliminate big investments for storage that comes with having stock that the market doesn’t want. Every product that is being sold is made to order eliminating the need for stock.”


Make-to-order: zero stock, no errors

With Expivi’s 3D product configurator and Augmented Reality tool for e-commerce, T1tan can showcase consumers their products from every angle, offering limitless colorways and personalisation without any stock risk selling products at higher margins. Consumers are able to design their very own products and get a very realistic presentation of what they’re buying increasing conversion rates as they are much more emotionally bound to products they design themselves.

Besides the greatly improved customer experience the solution is also a game changer for their production process. In close collaboration with the production facility T1tan optimized the production process and supply chain. When a customer places and pays an order it is automatically sent to their production facility. The order is processed and shipped directly to the customer eliminating the need for stock levels and investment in semi finished products.


Shorter sales cycle and speed up production time

Since using Expivi’s platform, T1tan sees higher customer satisfaction and retention rates, with around 60% of returning customers. They have successfully shortened their production cycle, accelerating it from 6 weeks to 2-3 weeks, and working on even shorter lead times by implementing further optimisations.

Limitless possibilities

The customer can design everything their own with endless possibilities. This also reduces returns to 0%

Higher margin with personalization

Customers are able to add personalization at a small extra fee, resulting in a higher margin per product and an increased revenue for T1tan.

Strong cashflow

The customer always pays 100% upfront. This ensures T1tan to maintain a positive and strong cashflow.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder

“With such a personalized product, you’re able to create more loyalty with your consumers because they receive something special straight from your brand. Every product that is being sold is made to order eliminating the need for stock."

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