Viking Life-Saving Equipment: efficient and dealer-friendly process for ordering

Viking Life-Saving Equipment, a global leader in safety solutions, specializes in providing state-of-the-art fire suits and other life-saving equipment. To improve the way their dealers in the United States configure complex fire suits, Viking adopted Expivi’s 3D configurator. This strategic implementation has eliminated paperwork for dealers, reduced errors, and significantly increased dealer satisfaction. Additionally, integrating the configurator directly with their SAP ERP system has streamlined processes, enhancing overall efficiency.


Viking faced several challenges with their existing process for configuring fire suits:

  • Complexity: Configuring fire suits is a complex task involving numerous options for materials, features, and specifications.
  • Manual Paperwork: Dealers had to rely on extensive paperwork, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Errors: Manual processes often led to configuration errors, resulting in delays and increased costs.
  • Dealer Satisfaction: The cumbersome process negatively impacted dealer satisfaction, affecting their willingness to do business with Viking.


B2B order configurator with automatic order process to SAP

Viking implemented Expivi’s 3D configurator to address these challenges. Expivi offers a robust and intuitive platform that transforms the way dealers configure complex fire suits.

  • Interactive 3D Configuration: Expivi’s 3D configurator allows dealers to interactively configure fire suits in real-time. They can select materials, features, and specifications with immediate visual feedback, ensuring they get the exact product they need.
  • Elimination of Paperwork: By digitizing the entire configuration process, Expivi’s solution has eliminated the need for manual paperwork. This transition to a digital platform has streamlined operations and reduced administrative overhead.
  • Error Reduction: The configurator’s intuitive interface and real-time validation ensure that all configurations are accurate and feasible, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. This accuracy leads to fewer delays and lower costs associated with order corrections.
  • Dealer Satisfaction: Dealers now experience a seamless and efficient configuration process. The ease of use and reliability of Expivi’s configurator have led to higher dealer satisfaction, strengthening their relationship with Viking.
  • Integration with SAP ERP: Expivi’s configurator is directly integrated with Viking’s SAP ERP system. This integration means that configuration data flows seamlessly into the ERP system, enabling efficient order processing, inventory management, and production planning.


Reducing costs in efficient order process without errors

Viking’s adoption of Expivi’s 3D configurator has transformed the way their dealers in the USA configure complex fire suits. By eliminating paperwork, reducing errors, and integrating seamlessly with their SAP ERP system, Viking has achieved a more efficient and dealer-friendly process. This strategic move has not only improved operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced dealer satisfaction, positioning Viking as a leader in the life-saving equipment industry.

Expivi remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help companies like Viking achieve excellence and operational efficiency in a competitive market.

Improved dealer tool

Dealers now have a powerful ordering tool that effectively communicates complex product details, enhancing their understanding.

Error reduction

The 3D solution with product information reduces errors, resulting in less delays.

Scalable solution

Configurator allows for easy scalability and creation of new concepts, facilitating expansion across multiple front-ends.

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